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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Child Pickup Procedures

Emergency School Closing Child Pick Up Procedures

In the event of an emergency school closing, parents or guardians will have to pick up their children from school.  If parents or guardians are not able to pick up their children, they will have to communicate to the school at the time of the closing who they want to pick up their children.  At the time of the closing, parents are to come to the gymnasium to sign their kids out and wait for them to be brought into the gym.  For security reasons it is important that parents do not go directly to classrooms to retrieve students.  If we are required to vacate the school in the event of an emergency, the pick up  location is the south parking lot at LifeSpring Covenant Church.  Your patience and understanding in times of crisis is greatly appreciated and please understand that everyone will be doing their best to reunite you with your children.