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Get Involved

What is PTO?   A Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers, and school staff. The PTO organizes various school activities such as assemblies, family nights, and fundraisers. PTO raises funds for special projects around the school, for example, new playground equipment. They also support student activities and clubs and much more.  PTO sponsors two fundraisers per school year and meet six times per year for business/PTO meetings.   What is a PTO board?   The board typically consists of 6 officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, volunteer coordinator, and social officer). Any meeting attendee is considered a PTO member.  These meetings are an open forum and welcome all ideas and opinions.   Why participate?  
  • PTO parents get involved by supporting their students, teachers and staff.  Parents can volunteer to  be room parents to assist with class parties or field trips.
  • Volunteers can help teachers by grading papers or creating projects for the classroom.
  • The PTO highly encourages all parents to get involved and attend the PTO meetings and participate in our school functions. 
  • The students reap the benefits by the involvement and support of all the adults involved in the PTO. 
  • Come join the PTO to help make Sarah Milner the best school ever!
  For more information, please contact Tiffanie Ornelas at 970-613-6700.